45 Archive Museum

Mission Statement:
To assemble, document and thereby preserve every known US 45 rpm record into one organized collection locatred in a museum like setting for the purpose of archiving this most important legacy of the 20th century, for future generations.

To Assemble:

There are many large repositories of 45 rpm records across the country. Some are warehouses with record company stock, others are retail record businesses with very large store stock. And still others are large private collections numbering from several thousand up to hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, a simple Google search will bring up many online retail

record outlets with quite large 45 rpm stockpiles.Therefore, presently the availability of large numbers of 45 rpm records is still quite high. But as these online retailers, collectors and businesses start to close down, dump their collections or go out of business, now is the time to consider a way to assemble and thereby preserve these very important pieces of music history.

The Museum:
No matter which of the artist's renderings is preferred, the objective is to house the stock of 45rpm records in a museum like setting not only for the preservation of these musical artifacts of history but also to provide an inviting environment for the general public to be a part of what the 45rpm record has meant to them.

The Investment:
Estimated funding for a project of this size and scope would require between 4 to 5 million dollars. While an investment of this undertaking is no small sum, the benefits would be tremendous. Nowhere in the world would there be anything like it. Music lovers of all ages, over three generations, would be able to take advantage of all the Museum would have to offer. The all-important "Return on Investment" would come from entrance fees, concession profit and record sales, and could begin within less than the five year norm.